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Product Cloner: Clone products from your competitors in less than 3-clicks

In 2018 we started selling products using the Shopify + Facebook + AliExpress business model.

Over the next year we hired and trained a team of virtual assistants and turned them into a well oiled machine for finding trending dropshop products using AdSpy tools, sourcing suppliers from AliExpress and creating video ads for Facebook so we could test 3-4 new products each week to find those few winning products we could scale to the moon.

The bottleneck for us was setting up all these new Shopify Product pages in our store so we could test the product our team had found.

Downloading all the product images, descriptions, sizes, pricing, .gifs, trust badges all those little things that make a product page convert takes a ton of time to setup.

That's when we realized we could save a huge amount of time, money and frustration if we could just 'copy' the product page from the store we found the product on.

So we came up with a simple solution! With our Product Cloner app, you can copy any product from another Shopify Store into your store in less than 3 clicks:

Copy and Duplicate Shopify Store Product Pages

Step 1: Copy the URL of your chosen Shopify product page.

 Paste It in the Product Cloner Shopify App

Step 2: Paste the copied URL into the Product Cloner Shopify App. You may opt to choose the fields you want to import.

 Clone the Entire Product Page into Your Shopify Store

Step 3: Click the 'Clone' button of the Product Cloner.

Viola! Product - copied

We built Product Cloner specifically for all the dropshipping beginners and those that want to quickly scale their Shopify business.

✔️ Built-In Lifetime Revenue Dashboard
✔️ Import Primary and Variant Product Images
✔️ Import Product Title and Description
✔️ Import Product and Variant Pricing (including on sale prices)
✔️ Import Collections, Tags, Type and Weight
✔️ Easily Remove Cloned Losers with 1 Click!
Our Product Cloner Shopify App will set up a new product with selling descriptions, product photos and videos, variant creation, and price adjustments - for you!  

The duplicated product is now your new Shopify product listing. All prepared for you to start making more sales with your brand!

  👉 Product Cloner 👈

Check out Product Cloner in the Shopify App Store today





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