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hyPixel: Hyper-Targeting Facebook Ad Audiences with Event Triggers

hyPixel is a custom audience creator that targets only your most engaged visitors. Created for Shopify store owners, Facebook advertisers, digital marketers, and eCommerce entrepreneurs. This way you can narrow down your target market and cut ad expenses! Besides saving money, you can save your marketing time and efforts from non-converting, already dead leads.

hyPixel lets you customize the audience you want to advertise to, on Facebook, to with what we call: Hyper-Targeted Events. All you have to do is use your Facebook Pixel ID located in your Facebook Ads Manager account. 

Facebook Advertising is widely used by online marketers as it is one of their most effective advertising tools.

hyPixel triggers specific events based on their 1) time spent on your store, 2) percentage of content scrolled, and 3) page interactions.

 See How This App Works Now

Whether you are starting out eCommerce start-up or a large Shopify mogul, hyPixel will help you boost your lead conversion and retention!

Together, we can agree on the fact that the best leads are the already interested ones. Make your advertising focused on them instead!

Installing this Shopify app benefits your advertising to customized audiences by specifying it based on their:

1. Time Spent on Your Online Store

Specify your Facebook advertising to the time users spent on your site. These can be differentiated from 10, 20, 30, and 40-second intervals. This is how long users have spent on your site.

2. Page Scroll Percentage

You can also base it on the percentage of the webpage your user has viewed. Taking percentages of how much your audience views help you narrow down your advertising. From 25%, 50%, 75% to 100% of page scrolling and content consumption.

3. Page Interaction

If your site is designed for fast, dynamic page interactions. You can also specify which part of your audience to target based on if they have: clicked any button, scrolled through images and videos, and even those who have spent 20 seconds and viewed more than 25% of your site's page.

These certain triggers will produce events that are optimized to fit your audience's needs and wants! Creating your custom audience or target market based on these criteria will produce more sales and converting leads for your store!

Why Install hyPixel?

As an entrepreneur and marketer, you want your business to:

📈 Effectively Get More Sales

📈 Know Where to Engage with Your Audience

📈 Automate Your Target Market Research

📈 Be Updated on How Your Advertising is Doing

📈 Know What Your Audience Wants

hyPixel is the sales-boosting and lead-converting partner Shopify App for eCommerce entrepreneurs, Shopify store owners, digital marketers, and advertisers that dynamically customize your target audience to tailor-fit your needs!

TAKE ADVANTAGE of this Facebook Ads Audience Customizer NOW!

  👉 hyPixel 👈

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